Wench is dead! Long live Wench!

Wench is back online, after a long hiatus. Oldtimers will remember that once upon a time, circa 1996, Wench was a women’s online magazine, started by me and Paul Ferguson, that ran feature stories by women about all sorts of subjects, such as rape in the military, growing up lesbian in a fundamentalist Christian family, strippers on strike, as well as some lighter fare about things such as Tigerbeat magazine’s tendency to profile men over 40 (Brad Pitt) and boys aged 12 and under — weird!

My favorite thing about Wench was the “Letters to the Editor” page, which had hilarious hate mail from all kinds of absurd and ridiculous enemies of women; misanthropes, madmen and the hopelessly confused all wrote in, dipping their pens in vitriol, and entertaining us all in the process.

Wench met an untimely end some time in 2001 after a massive hard drive failure on the machine where it was hosted (by friends of ours) and all the archives were lost. We were not so good at backing things up. But Wench rises again as we always knew it would! I’ve been sitting on this domain for all this time, and the time is finally ripe.

In its day, the Wenchlog carried all kinds of information about women and women’s rights, but for now Wenchlog is going to be a very occasional blog, which carries mostly news about Wench itself, and nothing more exciting than that. So hello and cheers! Welcome back to Wench!

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